Parents & Swimmers

The following information is important to read for the upcoming swim team season.

Important Parent Information

  • All parents/participants are required to read & sign the parent handbook before joining the team
  • Please see parent volunteer expectations “Committees Section”

All of our communication is now paperless. Please make sure that you have confirmed your email address to so that you receive all swim team communications. Often we will also hand out hard copies of flyers to the children during practice. We also will post flyers on our bulletin boards.

Please do not communicate with coaches during practice sessions, unless it is an emergency. The coaches are responsible for the safety of our children and need to devote their full attention to the swimmers during practice sessions. Coaches will be available for short conferences after practices or you may email/call the coaches to set up a meeting to discuss any questions or concerns.

Questions related to coaching should be directed to the coaches. Questions that cannot be answered by a coach on duty can be addressed to Coach Amanda by email at or by calling her at 562-309-4852.

Swimmers are expected to attend at least the minimum practice requirement. Growth and movement of levels will depend solely on how much work each swimmer puts into their individual achievement. Special circumstances may be allowed at the discretion of the coaching staff. Poor attendance can possibly lead to your space being given away to a child on our waiting list. Our goal is for each swimmer to have their own growth plan that is cultivated by the swimmer, the coach and the parents. Level movement is decided solely by the coach, however fellow coaches can be called in to assess a particular situation if need be. Once a decision has been made to move a swimmer up or down a level, parents have one month to comply to the schedule change. We abide by this rule strictly to ensure that we service as many children as possible in our wonderful program.

Membership – All team participants must be full facility YMCA members. There are different options for membership with many benefits for the whole family. You may purchase a membership for your swimmer (depending on their age) or consider one for the entire family. The front desk will be happy to go over all the options with you.

Swim team payment – You can choose 2 different ways to pay your monthly team fee:

  • (A) Automatic ATS / Checking Account
  • (B) Automatic Debit Card Withdrawal

Additional swim team fees:

  • YMCA League Entry Fee: $25
  • Dual Swim Meet: $5-$10 per swim meet
  • Invitational Swim Meet: $12 – $40 per swim meet depending on events signed up for
  • Uniform: $7 – $220 depending on purchases – not mandatory
  • Special Events: Prices vary, but no event is mandatory
  • Fundraisers: Prices vary, but no fundraiser is mandatory

If you are going on vacation or your swimmer cannot attend a meet or practice (missing more than 3 practices), please provide this information to your coaches or by email to 30 days ahead of time when possible. No refunds or credits will be given for vacations. Up to a ½ credit can be given for sickness with a doctor’s note. Spaces will be held for swimmers for one month of missed team practice only if 30 days written notice is given and a confirmation email was received from Program Administrator. If not, the space will be filled with a child from our waiting list.

In regards to swim meets, if your swimmer becomes ill or an emergency comes up and they can’t swim, please call a coach as soon as possible to report that your swimmer will not be there, emails will not be checked outside of office hours. Refunds are not given for swim meets, but a participation credit can be applied if a doctor’s note is provided. Any swimmer that is entered in a relay and no shows for a swim meet, will not be considered for relays in the future.

Uniforms are typically ordered once a year during August-September. Occasionally we will order twice a year depending on the need. An order form will be emailed home at that time. Uniforms are not mandatory, but a team suit and cap are encouraged. If you choose not to order a team uniform, please see your coach about competition restrictions on outside suits.

Our uniform items normally include:

  • Team Cap
  • Team Shirt
  • Team Sweatshirt
  • Team Suit
  • Team Parka

All uniform items have our team logo (Shark) or name (YMCA of Greater Whittier). We do have tee-shirts, sweatshirts, and caps for sale all year. Please contact if you wish to purchase these items.

Typically during the year we have many special events. These include fun events as well as fundraisers. Normal yearly scheduled events include, but are not limited to:

  • Christmas Party
  • Summer BBQ
  • End of Season Banquet
  • Swim-a-Thon
  • Restaurant Fundraisers
  • Snack Bars
  • Spaghetti Nights
  • Whittier Invitational

Please check the swim team calendar to know when these events will be and where. Flyers are typically emailed home about a month before event dates.

Once a year our swim team hosts its own invitational swim meet. This is a huge fundraiser for our team and every swimmer and parent is expected to participate. Information will be emailed out when the event gets closer.

It is your responsibility to know when and where, and to arrange transportation to and from all swim meets. If you have transportation problems, please notify your coach immediately. Scheduled Swim Meets (between Sept-Feb): Swimmers must attend their level requirement. All swim meet entry forms will be emailed home or are available to you in the swim team rack in the hall a couple weeks before the meet and are also available with your coach.

  • Inter-squad Meet: Swim meet held during practice at our YMCA just between our kids during our practice time.
  • Dual Meet: Swim meet with one other swim team held at our YMCA or their pool. Usually takes about 3-4 hours total and has little or no fee.
  • Invitational: Swim meets with several other swim teams held at a very large facility. They usually take about 4 ½ – 6 hours total depending on what you sign up for and the location. We have 5 Invitationals on our calendar between Sep-Feb.

All parents must take turns timing lanes while at invitational.

The invitational meets do require that you pay per event that you swim. The coaches will always email out the invitational packet, so each family has an opportunity to review the meet information and make an informed decision if they would like to swim at that meet. Payments for invitationals are due at the time of sign-up with your coach. Please make checks payable to the Whittier YMCA listed on your entry form. Do not pay for relays. Relays will be put together by the coaches based on the number of swimmers participating and fees for relays will be collected a couple days before the meet for participating swimmers.

All swimmers are required to purchase a competitive package detailed in the parent handbook.

Please review the swim meet schedule carefully and mark your calendars. Participation in all meets is encouraged. The meets are a chance for your child to demonstrate what they have learned and strive for personal best times. They also are a chance for the team to bond and have a great time.

All swimmers should plan on reporting to a swim meet at least 15 minutes before the scheduled warm-up time. A swim meet reminder will be emailed home 3 days prior to the invitational listing their warm-up time.

Swimmers are encouraged to stay in the team camp area during non-event times.

Swimmers must be aware at all times of the event numbers and it is their responsibility to make sure they get to the starting blocks. There will be an event number board at each meet. Parents are encouraged to help younger swimmers get to their events on time.

Meet results will typically be emailed home a couple days after the meet and will be posted on the team website within a week of the swim meet.

Please check with the coaches if you need to leave a meet early (before all events are completed).

What to bring to a swim meet

  • Swim Suit, Swim Cap, Goggles (extra cap and goggles is always good)
  • Two swimming towels and an extra set of warm clothing
  • Folding chairs and blanket for team camp (depending on venue)
  • Healthy snacks
  • Water bottle and healthy drinks for proper hydration
  • Fun items such as games, puzzles, books or other practical items that you can use between events
  • Please make sure that each swimmer marks all clothing and swim gear.

Swimmer of the Month
During certain months of the year the coaches will look for kids that exemplify the YMCA’s four core values (caring, honesty, respect and responsibility). These swimmers are given our swimmer of the month award in recognition of their wonderful behavior and attitude.

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