Outdoor Science School

Where Eagles Fly and Students Soar!

A non-profit organization committed to the development of elementary children, 5th and 6th graders, through the blending of Science and Nature. An Outdoor Science School is one of the most awe-inspiring classrooms a child will have in their educational lives. In addition, their founding members have had the same vision for over 30 years, to establish a non-profit Outdoor Science School that would provide students with a life-enriching experience in the beautiful San Bernardino Mountains.

One of the best aspects of the week is that it not only brings Science and Nature together, it also brings the wonderful world of Camp as well. Camp is a great place for kids to develop social skills, create strong team bonding, and experience the beauty of the Great Outdoors! The Outdoor Science School curriculum correlates with next-generation Science Standards and supports STEM principles. For additional support, the classroom teachers travel up with the kids and participate with them as well.

We are extremely proud and honored to host this strong community-enriching organization! If you know an Elementary School that might be interested in supporting their current curriculum with one of the most memorable and adventurous experiences of their student’s lives, we would love to talk to them now!

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