An older fit man stretches on a mat with a personal trainer nearbyWhen it comes to your fitness journey, it’s important to set goals that challenge you and encourage you to continue making progress. Goal-setting helps move you from a place of wishing or wanting to get better in achieving concrete results.

Ready to see some results? Here are three tips on how to achieve your fitness goals:

1. Track your progress.

One of the most important things to do when setting goals for yourself is to make sure that they are measurable. Once you have a clearly defined goal that’s also measurable, then you can track your progress along the way. Tracking your progress helps motivate you to keep working hard – especially on the days when you’re not as excited to train. By tracking your progress, then you have a solid record of all you’ve done in the past. On the days that you’re unsure if you’re making any progress, you still have concrete proof.

2. Be realistic.

A huge obstacle that people face when setting goals is to set them too high, making them nearly unachievable. Set goals that are challenging but still realistic and give yourself some stepping stone goals along the way. That way, if you miss one step, you can make adjustments to your final goal so that it’s still attainable.

3. Try an incentive.

If you need some external motivation to get further along in your goals, plan some incentives for yourself. For example, the promise of a massage at the end of a month-long focused training period might be just what you need. Find a reward that fits your budget and timeline and use it as motivation.

Whether it’s your fitness level, career, or any other area of your life where you’re aiming for future results, try these tips and get closer to achieving your personal goals!

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