Bring-Gratitude-to-Working-Out-YMCA-of-Greater-WhittierAs we celebrate the holiday season during what’s shown to be a challenging year, now is a great time to reflect on the past several months and think of gratitude. While it might be easy to only think about the challenges you, your family, and your friends have faced, it’s worth taking some time to bring gratitude to the different areas of your daily life.

Feelings of gratitude create a more positive mindset. And bringing these feelings of appreciation into focus can do a lot for your mental outlook on life. Reflect on things you’re grateful for, including your relationships, career, or even your workouts at the gym.

Here are just a few ways to bring gratitude to working out:

1. Physical Health

One way to bring gratitude to your workouts is to appreciate your physical health. Sure, you might have goals and room for improvement. But take a moment to be grateful for the physical strength you have right now and the effort that went into getting to this place.

2. An Activity to Enjoy

Showing gratitude for your workouts can turn something that feels like you have to do into something that you get to do. Appreciating all the benefits that working out brings to your life creates a positive vibe around your time at the gym and makes it something to enjoy.

3. Community and Support

Although you are working toward personal fitness goals, that doesn’t mean that you’re on your journey toward success alone. You can be grateful for the people who show up to the same workout classes, the instructors that guide you through each workout, and even the sense of belonging you gain from being part of a group.

4. Opportunity to Improve

A consistent workout routine gives you the opportunity to grow and improve. Each time you achieve a goal, no matter how large or small, celebrate that accomplishment and then set your sights on a new goal. Finding an activity that pushes you to continually improve is yet another part of your workouts to be grateful for.

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