3 Questions to Change Your Mindset About Exercising

We all know the feeling. Some days you can’t wait to get to the gym, and other days it seems like the workout is just mustering up the energy to get moving. Next time you find yourself in that position, here are a few questions you can ask yourself to help change your mindset.

1. Have You Been as Active This Week as You Intended?

Exercising regularly is the best way to enjoy all the health benefits it offers, and research suggests that four or five times a week is a good number. Depending on your goals and lifestyle, you might get more or fewer days in, but you probably have a number in mind.

On the days when you feel like you’re dragging, review your progress for the week and compare it to where you want to be. If you need to rest — do it. But if you see that you’re not where you want to be, and it makes you want to get a session in, then get your shoes and go.

2. If You Don’t Exercise, Will You Regret It?

Another question to ask yourself is how you’ll feel later if you skip your workout now, especially if you already have time set aside. Will you be bummed later and wish you had done it? Will you miss out on interaction with a class or slow your momentum or progress?

There’s no question that sometimes family, work, or other obligations come first. But other times, when we’re just trying to power through a case of the blahs, remind yourself of how good you feel after exercising and the sense of satisfaction that comes with it.

3. Will Skipping a Day Affect Your Goals?

Reminding yourself of your reasons for exercising — and everyone has their own — is a helpful strategy that can spark genuine motivation when you need it most. Maybe you’re trying to maintain your health, stay active, or you enjoy the energy of others — or all of the above.

Whatever it is, thinking about why you started and what you want to achieve can help you move in the right direction when you know deep down that you want to stay committed to your goals, but that stubborn little voice in your head needs a push.

Above All Else, Enjoy Yourself

There’s no question that regular exercise offers a wealth of benefits, but don’t forget that physical fitness is about feeling good, not guilty. So be kind to yourself, listen to your body, and do what’s best for you. If you need a day off, take it, and start fresh tomorrow.