A young boy picks healthy blueberries out of a cartonIt’s never too early (or late!) to build healthy habits into your daily life. Here are some healthy routines with long-term benefits to start introducing your kids to now:

Physical Activity

One healthy routine to introduce to your kids when they’re young is physical activity. We know we need exercise, which is true no matter how old we are. And kids who start developing consistent activity routines early in life are more likely to continue this habit as adults. And to encourage enjoyable long-term physical activity habits, help your kids find something that’s fun for them and that they look forward to each week.

Social Skills and Connection

Kids who start developing social skills early in life are more likely to create long-lasting, meaningful relationships as adults. Like any other skill, social skills are something that your child can learn and get better at with time and practice.

Encourage your child to participate in group activities where they learn how to share, respect others, listen and follow directions. Figuring out these skills now will help your child get better at making friends and connecting with others.


Some sort of gratitude practice is another healthy routine to model and introduce your kids to now. A gratitude practice at any age is tied to less stress, more resilience, and a more positive outlook on life.

You can encourage your child to practice gratitude by teaching them to say thank you when someone does something nice for them. Other ways to practice gratitude might include:

  • Doing chores around the house.
  • Volunteering in the community.
  • Asking what your child is grateful for either at mealtimes or bedtime.

These are just three simple routines that can be helpful for kids to adopt early in life. Other helpful and healthy behaviors to start practicing now could be preparing nutritious meals and snacks, limiting screen time, and making an effort to spend time outdoors.

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