An older couple stands with hands in prayer pose while practicing yoga and improving fitnessNo matter if it’s been several months or several years since you had a consistent workout routine, it’s never too late to improve your fitness.

Here are a few ways to improve your fitness at any age:

1. Challenge yourself but be realistic.

No matter your age or fitness level, there are always ways you can challenge yourself. The trick is figuring out how to challenge yourself while being realistic about your expectations. Going through the SMART goal-setting process can help you define how you’ll challenge your body without setting your expectations too high.

2. Practice good form.

Taking the time to learn proper form for exercise is an excellent habit to stick with at any age. Any time you’re learning a new movement or skill, be patient. Make sure you’re comfortable with what you’re doing and how you’re moving. If you get halfway through a workout and you can’t continue without compromising your form, then it’s probably time to reduce your intensity. You’ll decrease your chances of getting injured if you practice proper technique.

3. Incorporate variety.

It’s possible to improve your fitness at any age, but it’s also possible to hit a fitness plateau. If you do the same training or routine every day without changing anything about it, you’ll plateau. Incorporating variety with different movements, class types, and intensities can help you maintain your momentum for achieving results.

4. Prioritize recovery.

Recovery begins with a proper cool down. Skipping the cool down to jump in your car to get to your next appointment is going to make it harder for your body to recover. On the other hand, taking the time to cool down and prioritizing other recovery methods leads to fitness results as much as the training itself.

A good recovery routine includes:

  • Eating something healthy after training.
  • Staying hydrated.
  • Getting quality sleep.
  • Getting in some mobility work.
  • Taking rest days when needed.

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