Top 3 Tips For Creating A Regular Fitness Routine In Whittier CA

Starting a fitness routine is the easy part. It’s sticking with it that’s hard. Sound familiar? You are not alone. In fact, turning their desire to exercise into an actual habit is one of the most commonly cited challenges for people trying to get into fitness.

If you’ve ever wondered about the tricks to making physical fitness a permanent part of your life, we have a few suggestions below.

1. Do Something You Like

The ways in which you can be physically active are almost endless. You can lift weights, swim, do water aerobics, box, ride a bike, run, dance, and about a million other things. Do the stuff you like so that you look forward to it instead of viewing it as a chore.

You’re more apt to stick with an activity if you enjoy it. No matter how “good” for you something is, if you don’t like doing it, it will not become a long-term habit. And if you’re unsure where to start, check out all the programs we offer at the Greater Whittier YMCA!

2. Start Slow & Smart

A common mistake many people make when picking up a new workout habit is pushing themselves too hard too soon. This doesn’t produce faster results and is more likely to make you feel stiff, sore, or injured.

Instead, start slow. Listen to your body and make proper form the focus, not volume. Remember that physical fitness is more like a marathon than a sprint. Adjust your intensity so you can stick with a regular, consistent workout schedule.

3. Schedule Your Workout Time

One way to ensure you don’t miss a workout is to put it on your calendar. Whether you’re a morning person, an evening person, or somewhere in between, treating it like a regularly recurring appointment will help you stay consistent.

This is also one of the reasons why participating in instructor-led, group classes can make it much easier to stick with a routine. Not only do you have community accountability, but the regularly scheduled time in which they happen gives you less leeway to skip a workout haphazardly.

Exercise With Us at the Greater Whittier YMCA

Do you want to make physical activity part of your life but aren’t sure where to start? The Greater Whittier YMCA is here to help. From aquatics and group exercise to personal training, we offer many different programs for a range of abilities, and our passionate instructors and trainers will help you be your best self.