Successful-Workout-Comeback-YMCA-Greater-WhittierIf it’s been a few months since you worked out at the gym or attended group classes, it can be challenging to get back into the swing of things. To help you get back into a routine, here are five tips to make a successful workout comeback:

1. Revisit your why.

As you’re getting back into a workout routine, it’s helpful to take some time to revisit your why. Remind yourself why this process of getting back into a workout program is important to you.

2. Set (or reset) fitness goals.

Once you’ve revisited the purpose behind your workouts, set some personal fitness goals. If you worked toward specific goals in the past, revisit those and figure out if you’re still excited to pursue them. Set goals that are in alignment with your current fitness level and what you’re eager to work toward.

3. Start where you are now.

As you’re getting back to working out, try to manage your expectations. It’s important that you start wherever you are now. As much as you’d like to pick up where you left off a few months ago, give your body and mind some time to gradually adjust to your workouts. And, you’re more likely to make a successful comeback.

4. Work out with others.

It’s possible to work out with others from a safe social distance. And being around people with like-minded goals can help you get back into a consistent routine. Plus, working out with a group allows you to share encouragement with others who might also be making a comeback.

5. Stick to a plan.

You might tell yourself that you’re going to work out every day for the next month. But you might be setting yourself up for disappointment. Rather than doing too much too soon, create a realistic workout plan that you’re more likely to stick with. Start with planning two or three workouts per week. You can then build on that consistency with more frequent workouts and higher intensity in the future.

If you are looking to start back up with your health and fitness goals, the YMCA of Greater Whittier is here for you! Contact us to learn more about the programs we’re offering that will get you back on track.