How-to-Manage-Your-Time-and-Reduce-Stress-YMCA-WhittierIt happens to all of us. We get busy with a million tasks piled on our plate, and stress kicks into high gear.

How do you reduce some of that stress? Finding new or different ways to manage your time can help a lot.

Here are a few ways to manage your time and reduce stress:

Prioritize your tasks.

Take care of any tasks that require immediate attention first. Otherwise, things will continue to get worse over time. If you’re having trouble prioritizing, take care of the task that’s giving you the most anxiety. You’ll have the most stressful tasks done and out of the way, freeing up your mental space to focus on the smaller items on your to-do list.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help.

Sometimes we’d rather hold the weight of the world on our shoulders so that we don’t inconvenience anyone else. However, when that weight is too much to bear, it’s time to ask for some help. It might feel uncomfortable at first, but you may be surprised at the response.

Say ‘no’ when you need to.

You might be the type of person who’s always ready to lend a hand. But as hard as it may be, it might be in your best interest to say ‘no.’ When you’re feeling overwhelmed, try not to put more on your plate.

Take care of yourself.

Though your schedule may seem completely booked, making sure that you take some time to yourself is vital for stress management. Whether it’s your favorite fitness or yoga class, a 10-minute meditation, or a few moments to read your favorite book, that time to yourself can make a world of difference for your mindset. At the same time, make sure you’re drinking plenty of water and eating healthy meals so you’re not running around on an empty stomach.

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