Music-Can-Make-a-Good-Workout-Great-YMCA-of-Greater-WhiitierHave you ever left a class or workout session filled with tons of energy and a smile on your face? Or maybe relaxed and rejuvenated? Chances are pretty good that music played a role in your experience.

Music can have a powerful effect on your workouts. A good music playlist can even make a good class great. But a lousy playlist might have you hoping for silence.

Here are nine ways that music can make a good workout even better:

1. Motivation

If you’re not feeling motivated to work out, music can help by boosting your energy and excitement levels.

2. Fun Factor

Even during a challenging workout, the right music can be the factor that keeps things fun.

3. Perception of Time

Rather than struggling through a workout where it seems like the clock has come to a standstill, music can make it seem like time has sped up.

4. Increased Intensity

Music can be so motivating that it pushes you to work harder and increase the intensity of your workouts.

5. Stress Relief

The type of music that calms you down or makes you feel more relaxed will vary, but music can be a great source of stress relief.

6. Coordination

Moving your body to the beat of a song can help you coordinate simple or complicated body movements.

7. Perceived Effort

A great song can actually decrease your perceived effort level. You might be working harder, but it won’t feel like you are.

8. Distractions

Music is a great way to direct your focus. It helps you manage any distractions that might be present in your environment or potentially within your mind.

9. Variety

Varying your workouts can help prevent boredom and burnout, and changing up your music is a great way to get some variety.

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