Perks-of-Outdoor-Physical-Activity-YMCA-of-Greater-WhittierBeing active outside offers a lot of options for physical activity. And for the past several weeks, we’ve moved out group fitness classes outdoors. Not only do you get the benefit of working out with others, but you can do so while maintaining a safe social distance while getting some quality time outside.

Here are just a few of the perks of getting some outdoor physical activity:

1. Being outside can improve your mood.

Going outdoors is a way to step out of your normal (most likely indoor) environment and get more sunlight. Vitamin D deficiency is becoming increasingly common. And with all the temptations we have to keep us indoors, such as TVs, phones, the internet, etc., making an effort to be outside is even more critical. Sunlight is essential for Vitamin D production, which plays a crucial role in your mood.

2. Taking some time outside is almost always accessible.

It’s great to take a group workout class outside! And beyond structured classes and workouts, the outdoors is almost always accessible to you. Whether you live in a big city or in a more rural part of town, getting outside is as easy as walking out your front door. Going for a walk around your neighborhood is a simple and stress-free way to take a break during your day.

3. Being outside is an opportunity to get more variety.

We all have our tried and true gym routines. And these routines are great for building consistency! But another benefit of an outdoor workout is the added variety. For an outdoor workout, you won’t have the same tools and equipment that you might use indoors. You might find yourself trying out new movements, working out with different equipment, or learning just how effective body weight movements can be. Outdoor workouts can help you change things up from what you’re used to.

Take advantage of the benefits and try your next workout outdoors. Just don’t forget your water and sunscreen!

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