Remembering to be grateful helps us feel more optimistic and hopeful about our lives. Regularly practicing gratitude also can help you sleep better and improve your mental health.

Here a few ways that you practice gratitude each day:

1. Write down the things you appreciate in a gratitude journal.

A lot of people keep a gratitude journal where they write down three things they’re grateful for. This method works for some, but it isn’t the only option that works. You can use a notebook, a notecard, or a post-it note. You can fill a page with your thoughts or write down one simple thing that you’re genuinely grateful for – it can be people, places, or things. Make your gratitude journal what you need it to be so that it works for you.


2. Call or text someone you care about.

Call or text someone close to you. You can connect just to say hi, or you could share with them how they’ve had a positive impact on your life. The more people you reach out to and connect with, the more your circle of gratitude will grow.

3. Give back.

Showing appreciation for those around you is one way to practice gratitude. But you can also choose to show gratitude by giving back. You can make financial contributions in any amount, large or small. You could also donate items in need or create artwork or projects for a good cause.

4. Send a handwritten note.

Technology makes it easy to connect with the people we love, and it’s all at our fingertips. You could mix things up, though, and send a handwritten note. Tell your recipient why you appreciate them or how they’ve added value to your life. Your thoughtfulness will both surprise and put a smile on their face.

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