Youth Basketball Leagues

Youth Basketball Leagues in Whittier, CA

Are you interested in having your child join a youth basketball league in the greater Whittier area?

Something you might not know is that basketball was invented at the YMCA! Teacher James Naismith came up with the sport in 1891 to keep his students active indoors during the winter, and basketball has remained a staple of the YMCA ever since. When kids play basketball, not only do they have a great time, they get an amazing workout, and they learn technique and teamwork skills, too.

The Y’s Youth Basketball Program

At the YMCA of Greater Whittier, you can sign your child up for a youth basketball league, allowing them to play in scheduled competitive games. We offer different leagues for all age groups and experience levels so that everyone can learn the game of basketball at their own pace.

Playing in a youth basketball league can have many positive effects on your child, including:

  • They’ll get a great workout, allowing them to burn calories and tone their muscles on the court.
  • Your kid will discover the value of teamwork and improve their social skills as they learn to play more effectively with their teammates.
  • Playing basketball competitively will hone your child’s endurance, hand-eye coordination, balance, and concentration.
  • They’ll learn all the skills and rules of basketball, including shooting, dribbling, passing and defending.

Joining a youth basketball league can improve your child’s life for the better. Give the YMCA of Greater Whittier a call today if you’d like to sign your child up for our youth basketball league!

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