Youth Activities

Youth Activities

Stem and Arts

Arts programming enhances wellbeing through the promotion of self-expression, personal achievement, character, and relationship building, and increased senses of inspiration, belonging and meaning.

Guitar Class: This class will provide a great start point for anyone who is interested in playing guitar. Basic open chords, finger picking exercises and strength training scales are a few of the main topic that will be covered. We will also touch on musical timing and some basic music theory. This class should be fun and will be held via Zoom.

Dance Class: This class will be instructed by Julie Owens, who spent many years as a dance teacher and Lead Choreographer for Knott’s Berry Farm. Julie will provide some general dance fundamentals for beginners and some more advanced instruction for anyone who is at a more advanced skill level. This class is great for ALL levels of dance from beginning to advanced and will be held via Zoom.

Percussion Class: This class will be taught by Dave Owens, who has been a professional drummer for many years. Dave will also teach the percussion class via Zoom, having the students use everyday household items as their instruments! This is a beginner’s class for anyone who would like to learn some fundamentals of percussion.

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