The holidays are a time for giving and over 31% of all charitable donations happen around this time of year — with 12% happening during the final three days of the year. While financial help is how nonprofits run and we don’t want to discourage that, this year, when you’re thinking about ways to contribute to causes and organizations in your community that you care about, consider also donating your time and getting involved. 

Contributing Is Good for You 

We’re not trying to insert selfishness into selfless acts, but giving back to your community is actually good for you.  Evidence shows that donating your time and being of service to charitable efforts is beneficial for your heart — physical and emotional. Giving back relieves stress and anxiety. Many people feel happier and more fulfilled when they see their actions make a positive impact in the lives of others. That sort of purpose can deliver a sense of accomplishment that influences your mental health to heighten not only your mood, but also your outlook on life. 

Giving Back Is Good for Your Community 

There are over one and a half million charities in the United States that serve nearly every demographic and provide a range of services that includes food, shelter, healthcare, education, and spiritual help. Nearly all of these organizations rely on financial support and donated time from supports in order to carry out their missions and serve the people who need their help. 

How Are You Going to Give Back? 

When you give back to your community, everyone wins. It helps people in your community, it helps to ensure that the causes that provide needed services are adequately staffed and supported, and can provide a wealth of personal development and fulfillment for you. 

What interests you? Maybe you can deliver meals to seniors, or help underprivileged youth, or volunteer at an animal shelter. Find a cause or an organization that speaks to your values, reach out, and ask how you can help. And if you aren’t sure where to start, we always need volunteers.