Working-Out-Benefits-Your-Mind-YMCA-of-Greater-WhittierA consistent workout and training schedule will help you make progress toward your fitness and performance goals. But the benefits of consistency are not all physical.

Here are a few ways regular workouts and training sessions benefit your mind:

1. You experience relief from stress.

Stress takes its toll on your mental health. But one of the best ways to manage stress and lessen the physical stress response is through physical activity. The chemical reactions that occur in your mind as a result of exercise help you feel better physically and mentally.

2. Your sleep improves.

Getting a good night of sleep is another way to strengthen your mind. And a quality workout is a great way to promote quality sleep. Without sleep, you can’t recover from the stress of the day. This includes the physical stress from your workouts and the physical and mental stress you experience in your daily life. Daily habits, like exercise, will increase your chances of getting a good night’s sleep where you can wake up feeling recovered and refreshed.

3. You gain mental toughness.

Training to meet specific fitness and performance goals present a unique challenge. But week after week, you show up to push yourself through each workout. Continuing to show up increases your fitness level, but it also builds mental toughness. As you develop this mental toughness and train to become more resilient, these skills spill over into other areas of your life.

4. You develop self-discipline.

Developing the discipline you need to commit to a long-term training program is a valuable mental skill. Owning your training schedule and putting the responsibility of following through with the plan leads to an increase in discipline. Honing this skill helps you stay focused, and you’re more likely to persevere through challenges you might face in all areas of your life.

5. You become more productive.

The physical training you do in the gym or on the court also promotes productivity. With higher energy levels and a clearer mindset, you’re more likely to become more efficient at accomplishing tasks throughout your day. The increase in productivity means you’re less likely to experience stress and anxiety related to feeling overwhelmed or unproductive. Staying on task frees up valuable time and mental space to focus on more meaningful tasks.

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