Having a fitness routine is one of the most effective ways to support your overall health and wellness. When making that commitment to improving your well-being, it’s worth asking the question, “How can I make the most of my efforts?” And that’s what we’re going to cover in this article — a few habits you can build to help reach your fitness goals.

1. Get Enough Sleep Every Night

Getting enough sleep consistently isn’t just a tip to have enough energy for a good workout, it’s one of the very foundations of well-being. Good sleep hygiene supports brain performance, mood, and just about every other aspect of our health. Being tired makes it hard to do anything, especially get to the gym. In fact, a lack of sleep the night before and subsequent physical exhaustion is one of the most cited reasons for skipping exercise time. Getting six to nine hours of sleep every night can bring significant benefits not only to your workout routine but your total quality of life.

2. Listen to Music When You Exercise

We’ve all seen the people who are working out with their headphones who are totally focused and in the zone. It’s not a gimmick. The effects of music on athletic performance include pain distraction, mood elevation, more endurance, and an ability to push through fatigue. Simply put, when people listen to music, they typically perform better physically than usual. Listen to something with a beat that you can synchronize with your movements for an advantageous effect. 

3. Make Exercise a Regular Thing

For most people, exercise never really becomes an “easy” thing to do but the more you do it, the easier it is to maintain the positive habit in your life. Set yourself up for success by actively scheduling your physical fitness time. As they say — don’t think it, ink it. Get the idea of exercise out of your head and make it tangible. Workout with a friend, sign up for a class, schedule time with a personal trainer. Those are just a few ways to turn your fitness goals into your reality. 

Achieve Your Health & Fitness Goals With Us at the YMCA of Greater Whittier 

The YMCA of Greater Whittier is a fantastic place to turn your fitness intentions into a routine. With an aquatics center, fitness center, weight room, and tons of other amenities, our facility has something for everyone. Check out our extensive class schedule to find one that interests you and achieve your health and fitness goals with encouraging people right here in your community.