Health-Benefits-of-Philanthropy-YMCA-of-Greater-WhittierOur community is full of philanthropists – people who are willing to donate their time, money, skills, and talents. Giving is good, and it has a profound effect on our daily lives. When giving to others, you might be aware of the positive effects you’re contributing to. But when you give to others, you also can reap some benefits.

Here are just three of the personal health benefits of philanthropy:

1. Less Stress

One of the personal health benefits of philanthropic acts is reduced levels of stress. Daily stress comes from a variety of sources. And when that stress becomes overwhelming, a positive way to deal with what you’re feeling is to focus on other people. Rather than zeroing in on yourself, shift your focus to how you can help others. By doing so, you’ll lessen your body’s response to stress, improving your physical health.

2. Positive Brain Response

Another health benefit of an act of giving happens in your brain. When you do something philanthropic, your brain responds in a similar way to physical activity. Your brain releases a batch of feel-good chemicals from its reward center, which promotes feelings of happiness and positivity. As a result, not only will you experience less stress, but your overall mood and outlook on life will also improve.

3. Social Connection and Community Impact

A third benefit of philanthropy involves social connection and community impact. Humans are social creatures who thrive on connection. And finding ways to give back to others builds a stronger social connection. So not only do you have the potential of impacting an individual, but your efforts might benefit an entire community. And when the people and community around you thrive, it creates the opportunity for you to thrive as well.

At the YMCA of Greater Whittier, you’re not just joining a gym. You’re joining a cause! To learn more about how you can help or give back, contact us today.