Maintaining health goals during the holidays

The holiday season is here, and many people will be spending time with friends, family, coworkers, neighbors, and just their community in general. Food and dining are often part of the landscape this time of year and it’s also when many people find their health and fitness goals to be challenged. Is it possible to partake in the festivities without slowing your momentum? Definitely! And below are a few suggestions to get in a frame of mind to enjoy yourself and maintain your wellness objectives.

1. Go Light With Treats

This is a time of year when the goodies come out. Cakes, cookies, baked delicious things of all varieties — there is so much of it to go around, and go around it does. In fact, the average American gains between one and ten pounds between Thanksgiving and Christmas. If you want to avoid that aspect of the New Year’s resolutions, enjoy the treats in moderation. One or two bites can be very satisfying if you savor it.

2. Do Not Skip Workouts

We get it, there is a bit of a spike in events and places to be right around now. Family, friends, work — there is more than a few rounds to be made and it can be easy to miss a workout. Do not ignore your social obligations, and do not forget about your commitment to your health, either. If you have a scheduling conflict, just reschedule your physical activity time. Do not skip it — you will be glad you maintained your momentum and you will experience all the positive things physical action brings.

3. Workout With Others

The research is clear that one of the best ways to stay consistent with exercising and getting the best results from it is to workout with others. Exercising with others — whether it is a friend you walk with, a trainer you work out with one-on-one, or a fitness class like spinning where you are part of a group — leads to better results. Accountability makes it easier to feel motivated and stay on track. 

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